"Siskontyttö ja eno/ Niece and uncle"1249148057_img-d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998e

FI CH Candycairn Cracker Jack:"4 years 9 months. Very well sharped head. Good neck and topline. Very good angulations & movement. Enough strong bone. Tail well set & carried. Correct coat. Correct bite." champ exl/3

Candycairn Candy Floss:"15 months. Well propotioned. Good head & expression. Good topline. Tail well set & carried. Quite good angulation & movement.  Good coat. Enough strong bone. Correct bite." imd exel/3

"We´re not made from sugar/ Ei me tytöt olla sokerista tehtyjä" :-)


"Naiset märissä vaatteissaan / Ladies in wet clothes" :-)