Judge: Anthony Osborn, GB (puppies and veterans)

Candycairn Capoeira 7-9m/kk kp/3

"Nice head. Correct ear plasement. Correct bite. A little short on head furnishings. Good reach of neck. Good spring of rib, Nice correct topline. A little wide in front. A little overangulated in the rear quarters. but oveall well propotioned body. A little short of coat at this stage. A little loose in front movement. but ok behind." 


Hjohoo`s I want Hjo To Want Me vet eri/exe3

"Lovely head. Good stop. Teeth not perfect, but understandable because of age. Good firm frontquarters and hindquarters. Level topline and good tailset. Good movement. Straihgt going and coming towards."

Judge: Carol Confue (jun-Ch)

CH Candycairn Cracker Jack

"Nicely balanced. Good head. Deep stop. Correct eye colour. Good front. In good coat. Good blend of stiflle. Good topline and tailset. Moves slightly wide in front."