Tuomari: Yolanda Nagler, Israel.

Candycairn Capoeira:serti/cac PU/BD-3 Candycairn Crepe: serti/cac,PN/BB-2


Capo: "Balanced male. Good propotions between head & body. Well balanced head. Good expression & pigmention. Correct ear set. Good stop. Correct neck, little too open in front. Correct behind. Level topline. Correct tail set & chest. Sound movement."

Nessa: "Lovely balanced bitch. Good propotions, expression & ear set. Balanced neck, level topline, well set tail. Correct front. Good angulation behind, sound movement. Good drive. Correct coat, little short. Good colours."

FI MVA Candycairn Chum PU/BD-2

 f: (c)SK

"Balanced male. Good propotions. Correct earset, pigmentation & bite. Balanced neck. Level topline. Correct tail set. Good ribs. Correct angulations behind. Good coat & texture of coat"

Candycairn Caixa, jun exel, juk 1, serti/cac PN/BB-3


"Lovely balanced bitch. Good propotions between body & head. Balanced neck. Well set tail. Good chest for her age. Good front & angulations behind. Correct coat and texture of the coat."


     f: (c)SK

Otto:"Nice condition male, 12 years. Good propotions. Balanced head to the body. Good chest. Well set tail. Correct movement & coat for his age."

                           BIS-3 breeder: CANDYCAIRN


"Lovely balanced high level quality of dogs. Good conditions, bones, heads, expressions, pigmentations, earsets. Elegant necks, level toplines. Correct ribs, chests, tail sets & coats. Nice quality." 

The whole group (Nessa-mother with her two children: Capo+Veera and their uncle-Sidi, Nessa´s brother): Candycairn Caixa BB-3+res-cac, Candycairn Crepe BB-2, Candycairn Capoeira BD-3+cac and Candycairn Chum BD-2.